From the Beginning to the End, We Help You All the Way


Hey y’all, welcome to my blog! I’ve got a lot of exciting things I’m so excited to share with everyone. I’ve spent years in the construction business, along with my dad and brothers. Growing up in Alabama, I’ve spent years working with my family building homes. After high school I went to College and in 2001 I got my degree in Construction Management! I then went home to continue the family business so my dad could retire. My brothers and I have been running the business ever since. We try to do everything from blue printing to the finished product and selling the home. We’re still learning and growing but we’re strong and steady with our work and progress. We eventually plan on expanding our business across some states and becoming more known. Dealing with family and friends, we decided it would be helpful to share a blog where anyone with questions and concerns can come to us for help and advice. The real estate business is tricky and there are so many things new buyers don’t think to look at before making a purchase. We’ve had people come to us along with having a lot of projects that people have gotten themselves into a financial bind and if they would have gotten the right advice and help, they wouldn’t be in this situation. My brothers and I have made it our goal to help sort out this mess that people get themselves into before what could have been ideal was turned into a nightmare.